File sharing permissions

Handyfiles enables the sharing of files with other users in your account.  Note this is not the same as ‘sending’ files, which means sending a download link to a recipient who does not have a Handyfiles account.

The user who set up your Handyfiles account is the Administrator, and they always have full access to all files and folders in the account.  However, more limited types of sharing permissions can be set for other users.

(Handyfiles Basic and Plus accounts allow only one user, so sharing permissions do not apply for those account types.)

Handyfiles offers these different types of sharing permissions for a file or folder:

  • OWNER.  If you upload a file into Handyfiles, you are normally the owner of it.  However, if you upload the file into a folder owned by another user, that user is the owner of it.  A file or folder can have only one owner.  An owner can remove another user’s access to a file or folder, change another user to a viewer or editor, or change the owner.
  • EDITOR.  The same rights as an owner, except that an editor cannot change the owner.
  • VIEWER.  A viewer can only view and download a file.

Sharing rules:

If you set sharing permissions for a file or folder, those permissions will immediately cascade to all current and future files and sub-folders within that folder.  You can change permissions for individual files afterwards.

When a file is added to a folder, or a sub-folder is created within that folder, it takes on the sharing permissions of its host folder.

The account Administrator always sees all files and folders, but other users in the account may not.  If a user has permission for a file or folder but not for one of the folders above it, they will see that file or folder in their Home folder at the top level.

If a user is deleted, their file ownerships are transferred to the Administrator.









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