The version of Handyfiles on this site is for everyone. But Handyfiles Customized is just for you!  We create a Handyfiles site customized to your exact needs – anything from a simple file storage facility to a sophisticated workflow system.  Think of us as your programming department.  We host and maintain the site, and we develop it as you request.

A customized version isn’t scary.  Costs start from just US $50, with a typical hourly development rate of just US $25 per hour.  As with the standard version of Handyfiles, monthly usage fees will apply.

What features are you in the mood for?  How about:

  1. your own branded system on your own domain
  2. files located in whichever country you choose
  3. unlimited storage space
  4. sms or email notifications of uploads
  5. multiple upload methods
  6. telephony recording integration
  7. automatic conversion of incoming files
  8. noise reduction on audio files
  9. full tracking capability
  10. public or private operation
  11. evolution into full workflow system

And more. Talk to us about your files.

Get in Touch!

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