If online file storage with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box doesn’t do exactly what you need, you’re stuck!

Or not.

Welcome to Handyfiles, the file storage and management solution that does exactly what you want. You can use it for anything from basic file storage to a sophisticated configurable workflow processing system. Whatever you need from your file management system, we can hand-tailor Handyfiles specifically for you.

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It’s no exaggeration to say that our custom version of Handyfiles has transformed our business, and we were surprised at the low cost.
– Declan, Ireland

We’ve found Handyfiles to be so convenient and easy to use.
– Sue, Ohio

The system is really reliable, and works well on all the platforms we’ve tried.
– Jasmin, NY

We always get fast responses from you guys!
– Erica, London

We’ve decided to use your system in the long term because you’ve made it do exactly what we need.
– Crispin, London

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