When you need to store, send or share files, where do you turn?


Handyfiles combines convenience with security, speed, unlimited free support, and best of all, unlimited customization to your needs.

There are two ways you can use Handyfiles:

1 – Handyfiles Standard Version
…is on this site, and you can use it now. It offers standard features:

  1. secure file storage, sending and sharing
  2. upload by web page, email attachment, or ftp
  3. folder creation and management


2 – Handyfiles Customized
…offers whatever features you need. We produce a customized version of Handyfiles just for you, named and branded as you choose, with whatever features you ask for. You’ll be surprised how affordable it is, and because your version is your own, you’ll have total control without needing to be a techie.  Learn more.

Handyfiles awaits.  To try it free, click Try It Free.  It’s as simple as that.


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